About us

At BGBF, we multiply our clients’ BTC while providing them with unparalleled security measures— so they can trust their assets are in safe hands.

BGBF-1 is now closed to new subscriptions. However, BGBF-2 is targeted to launch by Spring 2022. BGBF-2 is set to be a POSI-insured, Bitcoin-denominated, and Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS)-regulated open-ended fund.


Set to be open to accredited investors as per Singapore Jurisdiction, BGBF-2 is poised to deliver returns through innovative investment strategies. 

In late 2021, BGBF’s holding company, BCMG, was acquired by ICOA— a publicly-traded Nevada-based company operating in the fintech, blockchain, decentralized finance (DeFi), and cryptocurrency spaces. BGBF seamlessly lends itself to ICOA’s mission to bridge traditional finance with virtual assets.


We have several core values and goals that serve as the foundation of this project that we are committed to delivering on. Here are just a few.

Bridge the Gap Between Traditional Finance and Exciting New Digital Asset Markets.

While it may still provoke hesitation and trigger confusion among first-time and established investors, there is no denying that cryptocurrency is here to stay. The total cryptocurrency market cap has hit $2.05 trillion— a value equivalent to the 8th largest economy across the globe— with Bitcoin’s market cap reaching $735 billion alone. 

More than 18,000 cryptocurrencies are traded on 460 exchanges. A recent CNBC/Momentive Invest in You study found that more than 10% of participants have invested in cryptocurrency, and a whopping 65% of those investors joined the market within the last year. 

At BGBF, we make it painless for accredited investors to participate in BTC activities— a coin that dominates roughly 42.5% of the crypto market. We believe that crypto is the future and that by merging it with regulated, traditional financial spaces, we can generate substantial, sustainable returns securely. We do the hard work for you.

Provide Clients with Unbeatable Asset Protection.

Matchless security is one of BGBF-2’s primary concerns, as the fund strives to expose new, risk-averse audiences— including corporate and institutional investors— to uncomplicated, sound BTC investment. 

In addition to being set to be Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS)-regulated and POSI-insured, BGBF-2 will constantly survey advances in security technology to ensure it is leading the pack with industry best practices. Our clients’ crypto assets will be protected through an innovative, state-of-the-art hybrid infrastructure in custody with CGCX.io— the world’s first fully-insured crypto exchange. 

All token investors are required to undergo KYC/AML verification, investment subscription contracts are held in custody by regulated entities, and BGBF-2 is held in storage with multi-signature configuration.

Strike the Perfect Balance for BTC Multiplication.

BGBF-2 follows the identical investment structure to BGBF-1 — 30% of spending will go towards trading the top 5 BTC pairs through an AI-optimized algorithm, and the remaining 70% will go towards BTC yield generating projects.

By taking a hedging strategy with Bitcoin Futures in pair trading, the AI algorithm will utilize momentum to take directional bets, mixing short and long positions depending on market trends.

On the other hand— to ensure committed yield is achieved— the fund will invest in market makers, liquidity providers, and opportunities relevant to BTC by leveraging CGCX.io’s crypto exchange experience. The 30-day maximum, short-term crypto loans serve to exchange platforms through a network developed by CGCX.io.

Because we are insured and employ an innovative investment strategy, returns are all but guaranteed.

Harness the Power of the Crypto Fund Management Boom.

As a multitude of areas within the blockchain market seemingly skyrocket, crypto fund management is not left behind. The crypto fund management space is expected to grow at a rate of 23.9% through 2026. Beyond that time frame, the rise in asset management, along with increased crypto fund awareness and crypto investment, is expected to ramp up industry growth even further. 

Per Coinbase’s 2021 Global Fund Management report, the total number of global crypto funds has shot up 800% within the last five years. While the market continues to enjoy a steady, sustainable maturation, the industry is anticipated to reach $509.6 million by 2028. 

At BGBF, our funds directly address the growing global interest from institutional and corporate investors in crypto fund management.

Develop Sound Partnerships to Create Further Convenience for Clients.

BGBF-2 is currently in collaboration with recognized partners to allow for effortless FIAT conversions and has recently entered into a one-of-a-kind partnership with our sister subsidiary, iBG. 

Through a strategic buyback and burn relationship, BGBF-2 will provide liquidity to the iBG ecosystem. This joint effort will also make it possible for the iBG token to be the only POSI-insured token in the metaverse. 

We look forward to welcoming further collaborations in the future to better the investment and client experience.

Key features

BGBF-2, our flagship fund, is Southeast Asia’s first Bitcoin-denominated fund. The fund invests exclusively in BTC and offers insurance coverage and underwriting for public offering security insurance (POSI).

Why BTC?

Put simply, Bitcoin is one of the hottest investments of the last decade. From 2012 to 2021, the price of Bitcoin has soared by over 540,000%.

The team

BGBF’s holding company, BCMG, was acquired by ICOA— a publicly-traded Nevada-based company operating in the fintech, blockchain, decentralized finance (DeFi), and cryptocurrency spaces— in late 2021.

Key features

Why BTC?

The team